The Story Behind This Web Site

I believe that solving the problems in our schools does not have to be as difficult or costly as politicians and school administrators claim. I believe this because my students and I proved it to be true. Using what I taught them about problem solving, my students created a plan that ended the violence and vandalism threatening our school and then brought gang leaders together to promote the importance of education. The cost of this effort: less than one hundred dollars. Defying all logic, my principal squelched the effort. Then, despite my file full of exemplary evaluations, district officials drove me from the teaching profession. The really crazy thing was that several years before, they’d given me a big award for my method of teaching writing as a problem-solving strategy. It’s this irrationality and lack of vision that has turned our education system into a national disgrace. I created this Web site to expose the Emperors of Education as the shortsighted bureaucrats they are. The Web site is in two parts: First, a brief history of school reform will show you why the problem with school reform lies in the reforms themselves. Then, my blogs offer a collection of reflections and stories that I hope will entertain you and provide some insights that might inspire you to challenge ineffectual policies in your school district. —Joan Cutuly